Hermanos Brothers is a creative platform devoted to inspiring personal and collective transformation processes through the design and production of artistic experiences.

We articulate music, theatre, audiovisual media, new technologies, among others tools, with the aim of designing non-conventional, impactful, and disruptive communication channels that engage more directly the senses and hearts of our audiences.

Our energy is focused on “how” we communicate relevant contents with the sound purpose of inspiring, raising awareness, and empowering the people with whom we interact in order to co-create alternatives to different social, environmental and cultural challenges that we currently face, both locally and globally.

We are aware that as humans we are more than thinking beings. Our logical, analytical, and conceptual abilities are crucial in many ways but often insufficient when it comes to ignite the individual desire of transforming deep rooted behavioral patterns. That is precisely why we create communication channels that are capable to captivate us as sentient beings and speak directly to our emotions, senses, and intuition. Triggering feelings of deep empathy and individual reflection processes that end up taking the shape of behavioural transformations, imply addressing our whole beings -bodies and hearts included- not only our intellectual realm. In order to inspire in individuals the motivation for transforming some of their thinking and behavioural patterns, we choose creating interactive and participatory sensorial experiences instead of trying to convince or mobilize people with alleged witty arguments, terrifying statistics or dull moral precepts (we find many of these attempts in different contexts and they are clearly not working well).