La Balsa


The human being travels, and with him so do his songs. The human has done this through time, walking, swimming, flying, or crossing land and sea on boats, ships, rafts. Sometimes to explore new places, other times for work, sometimes to meet new cultures, or just because he or she has to. Five people, and with them their own ways, their songs, their past, and their future pursuits will cross on the map traced by their footprints, on the night of a raft lost at sea..

Building on the experience of Sudamerican Rockers, La Balsa (2016) is an alternative musical theatre play where the soundtracks that accompanied each of the different real life cases of migration presented on stage –by force, voluntary, national or international, of exile or return, physical or project-wise- build emotional bridges that encourage the audience to connect with stories of migrants that were probably perceived as distant and alien by many people.


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